Straw Bridge

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Date: February 29, 2008

Challenge Name: Leap of Faith

Location: Twinnies Café

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Problem Statement:

Support a weight in the center of the provided base. The structure that supports the most weight without failure is the winner.


• 1 box of straws

• 1 roll of tape

• 1 base

Fine print:

• The gap across the base is 12 inches wide.

• The straws are about 6 inches long.

• You may only tape to the base provided to you.

• You may not tape to the bottom of the base, and your structure must not touch the bottom of the base.

• Your structure must support a 2x4 square (3.5” by 3.5”) horizontally in the center of the structure as the weights will be added to a cup placed on said piece of 2x4 square.

• The 2x4 square cannot be taped to your structure.

• For weight, small glass pebbles will be placed into a clear plastic cup on top of the 2x4 square.

• The weights will be dropped into the measuring cup one pebble at a time.

• Your structure will have failed once the cup falls off the structure or once any part of your structure touches the bottom of the base.

The winning tower
The winning bridge holds quite a bit more weight than expected...

The winners